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Posted: 20 J0000002UTC 2011 in Update
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So here’s an update on my life:

Last year, on Labor Day I was “temporarily” laid off from my job at the resort. Ironic huh (Labor Day). I attempted to fight this, requesting a transfer, or staying there, no such luck. I believed that I would be hired back (to another resort in the position I wanted and looked forward to for two seasons. I even had about five people’s word that I would return in this position.

I went searching for an interim job, and came up with two options. One was over 1,000 miles away, yet I could take my car on the train for most of it. The other position was a former job at a rehab. and about 3,000 miles away.

It was the day before I was supposed to leave and I was telling my roommate about where I was going (she used to live in that area). I had a deadline of 5:30 and it was 2 hours and 15 minutes before that deadline came. The phone rang.

It was the job, I was opting for, the closer one. After a brief phone interview, the woman said she’d get back to me after checking my references. 5:30 passed. It was 6:02. The phone rang, she offered me the position, and I accepted (even though my deadline had passed).

The next day I boarded the train, after shelling out some serious cash I planned to make up at this new job. I arrived at the job, two days later, after a huge fight with the man whose sperm made half of me.

I met some great people who I was fortunate to call my co-workers. Unfortunately, my job had very specific requirements, requirements which were standard with any medical position. This place failed to provide proper standards for me, and I quit, not wanting to practice illegally.

Two weeks later, I was off to my original plan (rehab.) and that was lovely. Once, a student who attended the rehab. was annoyed to see me on duty because I was “the only staff who followed the rules”, meaning that he might actually have consequences for behaving irrationally. I know folks, it’s a doozy.

While I was working at the rehab., I decided to go to an outpatient program at a behavioral center nearby. I figured that maybe one of the reasons I was laid off from my job at the resort was because I, as one of the managers put it, “showed too much emotion”. Yeah, that happens when you work at a place whose motto is: “Where Happiness Means the World”. They only want to see you smiling, all day long. Do you know it’s not easier to smile, gravity naturally pulls our lips down, think about it…

I went to this outpatient program during the day. I didn’t tell anyone at the rehab. about it b/c I didn’t want to be judged. I made my own hours, or so I thought.

One day my boss wanted my hours to be different. When I told her I couldn’t change them, she began getting extremely pushy, asking what I was doing during that time. It was a completely awkward situation, and eventually, I told her that I was seeking treatment for my stress seizures (which is mostly true).

The attending psychiatrist of the program has known me in inpatient and outpatient settings at this hospital for over two years. This past time, I told her that if I was an addict, I’d shoot up, just to calm my emotions down. “You shouldn’t be telling me that” she replied, with a smirk on her face.

I asked her why I seem to react adversely to most medications. She came up with a theory that I’ve subconsciously thought about many-a-times before. My prematurity and basically not having enough time “in the oven” caused my brain to be hypersensitive. My emotional reactions are a combination of borderline personality disorder (and even off the charts for that) my highly sensitive brain. CT scans revealed that my myelin sheath is thin.

After waiting months to hear something from my transfer coordinator for the resort job, I was finally offered a position in the Dominican Republic (met item #1 on list-wanting to travel). It was the same position I held at the previous resort (did not meet criteria #2-sports/tennis position). I dutifully accepted and after being “punished” for making a request by having my transfer delayed even more, I was off to the Island of Hispaniola.

I wasn’t too excited. My friends and co-workers seemed to be more excited than I, surprisingly. It’s quite important to mention that two weeks after leaving my job at the resort, my voice returned, completely.

Within three days of being at the resort, my voice magically disappeared again. Everyone was attributing it to the atmosphere we create with the kids, and having to talk/project a lot. Initially, I attributed it to my seasonal allergies and began taking my allergy medicine, even the eye and nose drops-rarely do I use those.

A few weeks later, whilst playing on the playground with kids, the kids (as kids do) began asking me questions. I realized I couldn’t answer them, not because I didn’t know the answer, rather because I couldn’t catch my breath. A few days prior, I had gone to the infirmary, where the doctor determined I was having a severe reaction to the mold and prescribed a breathing treatment along with steroids. I was at the time on Symbicort, a bronchodilator/corticosteroid inhaler twice a day. It was at that time, he also wrote  a note for me, requesting transfer to another village, where toxic mold exposure wouldn’t be prevalent.

In the zone I work in, all of the resorts are situated in the tropics and subtropics. This means humidity and moisture are prevalent equaling… mold. There was no transfer offered to me, and a few days after the new year, I quit, figuring I could die looking at a beautiful ocean, or attempt to live a semblance of a better life elsewhere. That was over a month ago. I’m still waiting to get my life on track.

I’m about to attend a course which will upgrade my EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) certification to a Wilderness EMT. After that, I’m not sure what I’ll do. It’s almost certain this will be the road trip of a lifetime. I’ve applied to a college and jobs out West, guess I’ll go where the wind blows…



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