As noted from my blog title, “I wish I was lying”, sometimes I really wish the stuff that occurs in my life was merely scripted.

Top ten events in the last 10 months of my life:

10. Getting a diagnosis of a tic disorder after realizing it wasn’t a seizure disorder, and rather, was acquired by mold toxicity.

9. Deciding to go to college where  I know an alum. Applying to this one college (this time around) and getting in with a substantial scholarship. Years ago, I applied to 14, got into 13 and wait-listed at the remaining one. Rewind the second time around, 3 colleges, got into all 3. Still concerned figuring out a way to pay the remaining amount of tuition/fees.

8. Having continued conversation with a doctor who believes in me and my abilities more than anyone else in my life.

7. Being “temporarily laid off on Labor Day (in FL), moving to CT for a job, only to quit two weeks later (they wanted me to do something that was outside of my scope of practice as an EMT), moving to NJ for two weeks, then CA. 4 moves in 4 weeks! Re-hired to Dom. Rep. three months later.

6. Working in the Dominican Republic with amazing people  and scenery for one month. Every day, I’d walk two minutes to work (lived at work), getting to be meters from an amazing view. The service I worked looked out onto Caribbean Sea/Atlantic Ocean. My favorite activity was kayaking with the kids on the water.

5. Leaving the Dominican Republic after developing sensitivity to mold, and respiratory difficulties

4. Leaving NJ after the DR, thinking that it was a long-term move to CA, not permanent. Having unnamed persons (relatives) flip out to the point of getting the cops involved.

3. Being homeless and living with a “good” (formerly) friend and her two kids in a motel room, watching nonsense occur. Deciding to call social services to try to help the kids. Receiving threats from her after the fact, again involving the cops in this matter.

2. Moving in with another friend and her family, sharing a bed with her sleeping opposite directions, thinking it wouldn’t be as long as it was. This person has an amazing family.

1. Moving (for a job) from CA to NC for what I expected to be the duration of the summer. Seriously, who would trade NC for CA? I however, sucked it up, knowing it was going to be for the summer only. Four weeks into the job, after a very minor incident (no one hurt), was told I’d be getting a write-up. Instead, on the day of the write-up, I was laid-off, without reason, less than two weeks ago.


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