The Beanbag Analogy

Posted: 20 J0000009UTC 2011 in Entertaining, Update
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I bought a bean bag a few weeks ago. Correction; I bought a bean bag cover and two bags of beans.

Today, I was ready to assemble my comfy object. I figured it would be a little annoying, and began to recall how beans are one of those things in life that don’t necessarily follow the rules of gravity, those small foam bubbles are its own creature.

I started out carefully, got a little impatient, didn’t pay attention to what I was doing, didn’t care after a few fell, and before I knew it, there was a mess of beans on the floor. (Admit it, you expected to read this part :o) ).

Cleaning the mess proved to be a task in and of itself. I used the two handed technique, (sometimes leaving more beans outside the bag as I attempted to place them inside), the “pinch” technique and the one handed method. There wasn’t one method that beat out the rest; it was a relentless task that I got myself into. I’m sure I will find little foam beans in the upcoming months.

I picked up most of the mess, sometimes one by one and it is essentially complete.

My current task in life is a lot like the beanbag. I am on a pre-med route, and I’m going to have a lot of classes (a lot of beans if you will). I chose this path, this seemingly never-ending challenge. I can be nonchalant about the whole situation or I can take it class by class (piece by piece), using different techniques to get me to the ultimate reward.

After the trials and tribulation of a long educational road, I will have a medical degree. If luck prevails through the years, I’ll also have a comfortable lounging piece.


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