Conversations with myself and you

Posted: 20 J0000003UTC 2011 in Uncategorized
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You can’t be both. Let me rephrase that: you’re not supposed to be both. And yet you are, you did, you broke one of the cardinal rules of therapy and I know I’m the only one hurting over this… For now.
Adding some flavor to the mix, someone else, “C” also sees K. I’ve known C just as long as I’ve known K which is longer than I’ve known B. great now this sounds like a math problem. Anyway, I digress. You see the only reason I knew that K was going to open an individual therapy practice up is actually because of C. Dilemma right there. I talk to C. C tells K everything about her life, one hundred percent confides in her. Telling her what’s going on would no doubt stir up really similar emotions for her. She thought of herself as K’s favorite patient. I guess that’s until B came. Who’s after B? Is it just a game. I can’t destroy myself AND C over K’s actions. This is just disgusting.


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