Waking up to Alerts???

Posted: 20 J0000003UTC 2011 in Education, Update
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I woke up this morning to find that I have a voice mail message from my college. Then, I see that I have a text message from the alert system. Finally, I see that I have an e-mail. Ok, so they covered their bases with this alert. For what though? The message, the same in all formats, is full of ambiguities.

It goes like this:

“The College became aware of a hazardous situation in ___________ residence hall last evening. The situation is currently being investigated by local and federal law enforcement officials. We will update you as more information becomes available.”

Excuse me? I would really just rather you update me when you can give me full details on this situation, or please, don’t update me at all.

There continued to be completely ambiguous reports throughout the day and night and really, I think things are being blown way out of proportion. Let’s get real people. Let’s put the FBI where they belong, and generally speaking, that’s not going to be some small, liberal arts college.


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