You need to to be made over America.

Let’s talk about and to the Executive Branch in America:

You probably think you’re hot shit, running the show, making decisions that obliterating people’s lives. Admit it.

To the Department of the Treasury, the IRS:

I hate you. A very simple mistake, gone horribly awry. First, you fuck up my address, creating a major delay in my obtaining financial aid and now I have to wait. I have to wait so long that by the time business gets completed, financial aid will probably be gone from my institution. I have to wait for hours coming in to an office, wasting gas money and time for something that is a very simple fix to a simple error on YOUR part. I wait for you to look up if you have my address inputted into your system properly. I’m told that if after I find out whether or not my address is correct, I may continue to wait 8-10 weeks to receive the proper forms for my school. Fuck you IRS, fuck you Uncle Sam.

I am over America. I am not at all proud to say I’m American. I am constantly screwed over by the system because I am American, because I live in a fucked up American system.

This country is too large to cater to the needs of most, never mind all residents.

Department of Defense:
Tell me how we can spend millions of dollars on a covert operation for one individual while many individuals remain in debt up to our knees. Tell me how someone who is willing to represent the country one lives in only to be shunned and constantly turned away from serving. Only in America does the military seek near-perfect humans for entry, without defects.

Department of Human Health and Services:
Yeah, I’m jealous at veterans who went in with a decent life and got injured and now receive services. You know why? Because I will never receive appropriate services for a problem I’ve had since birth, something that was not a choice something that was entirely out of my control. Fuck you America. I hate you. I will never be proud to say I’m America , I’m not terribly grateful to be one either considering services non Americans or illegals receive are often exceptional to what I labor for to receive those services. This consists of practically selling an arm and leg, selling most of my belongings, seeing my savings disappear, never getting ahead in life and stressing daily purely because of health care costs and job instability.

Department of Labor:
Fuck you for not allowing those who have more productivity to excel in life. I guarantee you my work ethic far surpasses some hodge-podge asshole sitting in the penthouse office space making life-impacting decisions for someone else’s life. I guarantee you that I can succeed if you give me the chance. You continuously prove that you can’t and you won’t.

America you suck, I wish you would die and become a way better country. What happened to promises to my ancestors for a better life, roads paved with gold, a chance to prosper after extreme sacrifices are made? That place doesn’t exist. I wish you’d disappear and become a way better country.


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