Don’t tell me what to do, especially tonight

Posted: 20 J0000006UTC 2011 in Uncategorized
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Don’t tell me to go to bed because:

1. You want to go to sleep

2. Knowing my sleep history, forcing bed upon me does not resonate well with me and my well-being

3. Knowing what happened the last time I went to bed before I was dead tired (meditated and continued having nightmare after nightmare until I was finally asleep. This makes me think that you want me to have another nightmare, and that you don’t truly care about my needs.

Tell me to go to bed and I assure you, you will have greater problems than you began with. Let me be, and no issues will occur. I hate the night, there’s no need for your attitude to make it any worse.

Not only are you trying to be in a position of authority over me when clearly you are threatened by my retorts, and consider them arguments, you try to listen to an incompetent individual in the house who at the moment is talking out loud to herself and smacking her lips intermittently singing some bs song in a smoker’s voice. I fucking swear, if you listen to her and don’t re-direct her shortly, then you have fallen even lower in my Respect Book, and I will have less and less for you.

Creating a rule that doesn’t exist and attempting to implement it on a whim doesn’t sit well with me. It insinuates that you are narcissistic and don’t actually think you need to work to have a paycheck.

It was already a rough day for me, figuring out a lot of new aspects which contribute to my disordered eating, no need to push my emotional boundaries right now thanks.


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