The Unecessary Drama of Treatment

Posted: 20 J0000006UTC 2011 in Uncategorized
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In the transitional living and program I attend there is this person I’ll refer to as chipmunk as she’s always scrunching up her nose and acting like Thumper from Bambi as far as her leg twitches is concerned. She is constantly policing everyone, and their items. She saw an item that a house mom already approved for me to have, mentioned it to another house mom, and ultimately by snooping through my items, an approved item of mine was confiscated.

Tonight I mentioned I’d be in the bathroom for ten minutes. Five minutes into my shower I hear a knock, and her voice penetrated the door somewhat quite below the splashes of the shower that I was standing in. I mentioned I couldn’t hear and that I’d be out in a few. Moments later, another knock. I mention that I’ll be a few minutes, yet again. I turn the shower off but two minutes later and what should I hear? You go it, another rickety rack against the wood frame separated her from me. I told her that I’d said I’d be ten minutes, it hadn’t been that time yet, and to let me finish drying off and changing rather than talking to her about the situation changing. She continued to whine and perpetually knocked on the door. I made it a point to ensure the dryness of the bathroom floor, as I do not want anyone slipping. She told me I could just open the door put on a robe, and she’d get her stuff.

It was going to be  the same amount of time for me to put a towel on as it’d be for me to finish changing. Plus, I don’t want anyone seeing me in a towel. So I declined opening the door until I had completed dressing. She continued to babble on and I’d had enough, saying, “You think you own the place, you go around acting like you own the place and you don’t so please, stop acting like you own the place.

Incomprehensible wordage came from her mouth and I walked out in a verbal huff. I spoke with a friend who was in the house at the time, and he said people may confront me tomorrow regarding the noise I made walking through the house and waking people up. So great, another reason to have to stand up for my own rights, because now my CP and stomping clouds people’s vision. I understand if my voice woke them up. Let’s see them try to use this as a concern. Temporary loss of sleep on their end or permanent disability on mine?

People are aggravating and causing drama where there is no need for drama to exist. These girls need to focus internally at their own recovery not at me, or the externals. Police yourself for once.


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