This is when I most need my Internal Compass

Posted: 20 J0000009UTC 2011 in Uncategorized
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I don’t know if there’s any way to circumvent this situation; I’m reluctant to continue at the States with undergraduate education. I’ve recently looked at the class schedule for the Spring term and only two out of at least four classes I planned on taking I can actually take. This completely screws with my educational trajectory.

Additionally, unsure how this will come across; courses are a bit simple and I’m not using my brain fully. I am ready to delve into topics I’m actually interested in as opposed to fulfilling liberal ed requirements and take courses really of no particular relevance to my intentions.

In trying to figure out what schools to tour here and with all requirements and whatnot, I’d be fortunate if I was able to begin in the next three years abroad. I’m not sure that’s even practical/realistic. It’s frustrating and I’m annoyed at how long it’s taken me to complete just a “simple” undergraduate educational path. I’m not sure what to do. I know I don’t want to continually postpone my life and I feel very stuck and limited with options right now.

Also with the recent transpiration of events, I’ve noticed I don’t really have support over there short of two friends. Not only is there no support, the contact I receive from “family” is evil and threatening.

Yeah, sure I could always go into some treatment center, except I’m inclined to believe that I was subjected to unnecessary treatment because of other people’s shortcomings and insights. It seems like an enormous amount of my life has been wasted, and frankly it’s been a bit depressing coming to that realization. Sometimes, it seems like I don’t have a future because of these pitfalls.


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