Naps: not just for preschoolers

Posted: 20 J0000009UTC 2011 in Uncategorized

If we think of the body on the whole as a computer, the brain is the motherboard. Have you ever noticed that the longer your actual computer has been turned on, it ends up functioning slower? Maybe it needs a reboot or maybe it needs to be turned off.

Your brain, my brain, all brains are constantly needing to update. The brain stores information in addition to organizing. How can we possibly expect to function optimally if we don’t give our brain a renewal of energy throughout the day. Of quick note, it is important to fuel the brain nutritionally. Of equal or potentially greater importance is allowing the brain to rest or shut down.

One of the advantages of having narcolepsy is that my brain essentially signals me to shut down, and throughout the day, I take naps. Mine range from a few seconds to ten minutes. One friend noted that after I have a narcolepsy attack, I am reenergized and increasingly alert.

Please don’t see this as needing a diagnosis of narcolepsy. Everyone qualifies and could benefit from a short snooze. Go ahead, energize your system by doing nothing except resting!

Written after 40 winks… ;).


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