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If I don’t care about my life why should anyone else? I once heard that you learn to love yourself through the love others show you, namely the supposed unconditional love one is meant to receive from their primary caregivers. This is bullshit. I don’t think I’ll ever love myself, because the people who conceived me can’t seem to do so. Fuck this and fuck my current mindset because I’m so fucking sick of rejection. Whoever said that all it takes is one person to believe in you must have had a superhero who checked in on him or her a lot. Someone who truly cares about me would do that right? It wouldn’t take money for caring to ensue, would it? I’m so damn sick of this game of life and the rejection and the pitiful looks from those around me when they get a peek at the life I have to live day after day. Why didn’t I die at birth with my twin? Why am I still here? Right now it’s fucking painful and I don’t want to bear it much longer. It’s not fair, who’s there to reach out for me when I need help? I’m in a state of despair right now and yet I know I’ll keep fronting that optimistic attitude I hope one day to actually embody, not fake

  1. Whatever you’re going through right now, it will eventually end. Sometimes life gives us some sh*tty lessons for us to learn and grow. It may not end sooner but maybe later you will just laugh it off. Be cool, be calm and enjoy life. 🙂


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