A Part Waiting

Posted: 20 J0000002UTC 2011 in mental
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I’m sitting here,
talking to you.

You know what’s weird?
You’re talking back.
It’s weird because you’re not here.

At this moment your body is either being prepared or you are being placed, ever so delicately I hope,
in the ground.

I’m waiting.
Knowing I can’t come for your departure.
An ocean apart physically.
Worlds apart metaphorically,
or perhaps,

What am I waiting for?
You’re not coming.
How are you talking to me?
Maybe I shouldn’t question it.
I love it.

After not speaking for nearly two years,distanced from one another due to severe mental illness or perhaps,
Extraordinary circumstances culminating in severe mental illness.
Because it’s hard to imagine that you or I were ever as sick as we were.
Until I write about you in past tense,
that’s all I can do from this point.

You’re gone, you’re actually physically gone.

And I’m here talking to you,
waiting for the yesterdays we had and the tomorrows we will never see together.

Death did us ‘part.



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