Healing Room

Posted: 20 J0000004UTC 2011 in Depression, Health, mental, Update
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I’ve been struggling quite a bit lately after having been in hospital as the result of doctor neglect and incompetence. I thought I would die and since I ended up having sepsis, the reality of death was certainly possible.

A friend just called, one who I saw just hours ago. She was speaking to some friends about the concept of a healing room, and relayed what her room is like.

She invited me into her room, for healing. Her room sounded incredible. There was a part where she described a rock ledge when you lay on it molds to your body and the sun shines at different points. When she was describing hers, some of her imagery was similar to what my healing room would be like.

Then she asked what mine would be like. This is it:

My healing room would be entering into a lush green forest with a waterfall that splashes all in the middle and is the most brilliant blue.

The room has a door where once you enter, all negative energy is repelled as like the Patronus curse in Harry Potter.

The room cannot be found on a globe and can only be felt by a person. Of course my room has angels and my friends who are half angel and half human. The room has the ability to have others in it or just for me because sometimes healing is a solo mission.


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