Some interesting tidbits about me:

-I’ve gone to schools (high school/college) in all the states which begin with a “C”.

-I have a few disabilities AND I do not consider myself disabled.

-I swore to myself since I knew about work, that I would never have a desk job (in 12 years, I’ve had a desk job for about two months just to make ends meet).

-I have trouble getting close to anyone

-I’ve attended eight colleges.

-Sports and being active are what get me through each day.

-I first attempted running away when I was eight years old.

-I despise the US Healthcare system and am doing as much as possible to practice medicine away from it.


  1. naomimgruer says:

    There is so much beneath the surface of your words. I hope the future is brighter than the past.


  2. Anna says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings. People so pure and honest are rare to find these days. You are very intelligent and how you put your feelings and thoughts into words is amazing talent. One day you will write a book. If you haven’t already thought about it then please do 🙂

    Regarding the diagnosis I was just wondering ….
    Is it possible that your neurological and thyroid symptoms are do to Pernicious anemia?
    And maybe the hoard voices is because of he hypothyroidism.
    And is it possible that the you don’t have Thornwalt cyst but Cervical Myalgia that might also explain the so called Exploding Head Syndrome?
    Also, has Wilson’s Disease been ruled out?
    Have you ever been tested for Celiac disease or Gluten sensitivity?
    And finally, have you been screened for Neurofibromatosis type 2 as it is inherited disease and possible to have the milder version called Mosaic NF2? It might explain the Nasal Fibroma, the Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome/Disease, the ADHD and the Depression.
    But than again I might be all wrong – I’m not a doctor.
    Hope you have a lovely day 🙂


    • truthling says:

      Thanks Anna for your note, that’s a great wealth of knowledge you have. If not a doctor, how are you aware of all these diagnoses/conditions?
      I am in the process of writing a book, currently am studying abroad in Denmark. If you want to checkout that blog, the link is travellingology.tumblr.com

      As for the tests, doctors claimed I didn’t need the NF2 test as the likelihood of my having in addition to my brother was one in 14 million. However, this was prior to removal of the fibroma. I’ve had a massive endocrine work up and currently, s/s of PCOS are resolved (diet and lifestyle).


  3. Anna says:

    Almost forgot the nightmares and the separation anxiety manifesting to emotional detachment problems… Has PTSD ever been considered?
    (In my previous reply I meant to say hoarse voice not hoard voice.)


    • truthling says:

      Yeah I figured as much about the “hoard” thanks for clarifying though. As for PTSD, I certainly have that. Recently I’ve become rather intrigued on how trauma affects the body and sometimes (as in my case I believe) the trauma is not released and rather stored in the body. Thanks for giving me an idea for a new post :0). Considering I’ve probably more diagnosis that I haven’t updated with, I strongly currently believe I can’t be that much of an anomaly.


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